Reports to: Program Evaluation & Planning Assistant Director (Youth & Family Well-Being Team)


Location: 305 7th Avenue, New York, New York 10001


Hours: 35 Hours/Week; Exempt


Job Summary: The Program Evaluation and Planning (PEP) team’s mission is to support program in learning from data to strengthen services. It oversees agency-wide efforts in performance management, promoting implementation of evidence-based practices, and supporting evidence-generating activities. As a Program Analyst, you would be driving this mission with the agency’s supportive housing, rental assistance, street outreach and domestic violence programs. Essential functions include closely partnering with program leadership and staff on improvement efforts, making data accessible and relevant to day-to-day practice, inspiring the use of data by, customizing Salesforce and other data collection systems, creating reports, and providing technical assistance. This position requires a passion for providing impactful services to our communities and participants, a strong understanding of supportive housing practice and standards, and advanced technical and analytical skills. This work relies upon having the interpersonal agility to build relationships with multiple levels of staff and an enthusiasm for working in a collaborative learning environment.


As a Program Analyst, you will strategically guide quality improvement efforts:

  • Continuously assess and be aware of program performance, trends and needs to effectively support ongoing quality improvement strategies.
  • Strategize with program leadership around new and existing ACS, private funder and internal initiatives to effectively support program in tracking related outcomes and performance.
  • Maintain expertise in quality improvement approaches, evaluation, best practices, and emerging trends to inform your work.


Major Duties:

  • Manage primary participant databases and support data integrity, with an emphasis on Salesforce
  • Train staff and provide technical assistance on how to use Salesforce and other primary participant databases.
  • Prepare and guide programs transitioning into Salesforce, including performing data inventory, compiling data elements, cleaning data and supporting the development of a process map and configuration plan.
  • Collaborate with GSS’s Salesforce Administrator to identify ways to improve the system.
  • Design Salesforce and ETO screens and reports to track a new aspect of a program’s evolving work.
  • Engage in data quality management: reconcile data between systems, perform data checks and produce data quality reports to ensure data integrity of all systems
  • Bring data to life by developing user-friendly reports to engage program staff
  • Produce regular funder and compliance-related reports.
  • Design and update data collection tools.
  • Analyze and visualize outcome and output data (in graphs, charts, and infographics) to tell a clear, compelling, and accurate story, and provide data in usable formats. Perform targeted data analysis and deeper dives into specific priority areas or areas of concern.
  • Collaborate with our Grants & Contracts Departments; pull and analyze data to respond to government and private funder audits and requests.
  • Guide all levels of program staff in learning from data to strengthen services
  • Regularly communicate with program and assist staff in interpreting internal and external data (i.e., data provided by City and State funders, literature, national trend data and internal outcomes data) to identify performance strengths and areas in need of development.
  • Host participatory, action-oriented conversations around data at meetings with program staff. Connect data to lived experiences of staff and participants and to emerging policy trends.
  • Conduct case record reviews of staff documentation in participant records and report on strengths and areas for growth
  • Develop logic models for new programs, and revisions for existing programs.
  • Proactively and creatively involve participants and communities in program evaluation and planning
  • Partner with program staff in implementing data-driven improvements
  • Guide program staff through improvement planning processes.
  • Create or modify tools (e.g., checklists, templates, forms) assist staff in using them and provide targeted follow up to identified improvement needs.
  • Align and collaborate across team members
  • Actively collaborate with PEP Team members and contribute knowledge to the department: e.g., participate in group supervision, team meetings and cross-team workgroups
  • Collaborate with City, State and other external funders and advocate on behalf of programs and GSS


  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Experience working in quality improvement or program evaluation
  • Experience working in supportive housing, domestic violence or other nonprofit field preferred
  • Experience using a database; experience with Salesforce a plus.
  • Experience creating reports and data visualizations to communicate outcomes.
  • Commitment to providing impactful services to participants
  • Strong data management skills; understanding and love of data
  • Comfort using Excel or other statistical programs to manipulate, analyze and visualize data.
  • Enthusiasm for collaboration; friendly and responsive
  • Experience managing multiple projects and a precise attention to detail
  • Ability to synthesize information from multiple sources
  • Strong written, verbal, and visual communication skills
  • Creativity and bold leadership